“My wife and I were debating on whether to hire a property manager or try to manage our old home ourselves. A friend of ours, who used to flip homes, highly recommended Teresa McComb. She managed all of his properties. He said that Teresa is so nice, that she will answer any questions regardless if you don’t hire her. After contacting a few property managers that ignored us, we contacted Teresa. She is awesome! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about the rental home business, but she is also extremely tactful. When discussing difficult issues like money, emotional ties to your home, or law suits, she will tell you the truth, and in such a way, that you walk away understanding and not distressed. She uses this expertise and tactfulness to find the perfect tenants, which is probably the most important aspect of being a property owner. She handles collecting of the rent, depositing of the rent, repairs, tenant complaints, advertising, rental agreement contracts, all the legal-ease, and the headaches. We just see a deposit in our bank account every month. If you have property that needs managing, Teresa McComb is the one to hire. She manages two of our properties now, and we couldn’t be happier.”