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Getting Ready To Buy

Embarking on property ownership stands among the most significant financial choices you'll encounter. Whether you're taking your initial steps as a first-time homebuyer or possess seasoned investment knowledge, the journey demands prudent choices from start to finish. Here are key factors to weigh before taking the plunge:

Why Are You Buying?

Fed up with high rental costs or finding your current residence too cramped? Perhaps you're seeking an investment opportunity? Defining the underlying motive driving your new purchase empowers you to assess crucial elements effectively and select the optimal property.

Are You Ready to Invest?

Property ownership remains a paramount avenue for wealth accumulation, retaining its potency over time. Whether it marks your initial foray into property, establishing your foundational asset, or you're scouting for a rental prospect, the current climate is ripe for investment. Property ventures also underscore their stability, standing as enduring assets with less inherent risk compared to alternatives like stocks or collectibles.

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Insightful Tips for a Smart Purchase:

Budget Wisely:
Despite your approved maximum amount, refrain from exhausting your budget solely on the home's sale price. Allocate a portion for closing costs, taxes, and potential repairs or enhancements.

Familiarize with the Locale
Assess if the neighborhood aligns with your family's needs. Proximity to schools and convenience of shopping should factor into your decision.

Prioritize Home Inspection
Don't overlook the significance of inspections. They unveil concealed issues, offering clarity and aiding well-informed choices about your investment.

Pre-Approval Power
Secure pre-approval from a lender to signal your genuine intent to buy. This demonstrates commitment and readiness, showing you're not merely exploring options.

Make a List of Deal Breakers

Know what you can live with and what you cannot live without and also those things that can be taken care of with a simple remodel. If you need a 4 bedroom home, don't buy one with 2 that requires a massive addition which can break your budget.

Look at the Age of Appliances and Other Systems

Appliances are some of the most expensive portions of the home and you should pay particular attention to their age and whether they have required service. Other systems to have inspected are your HVAC, hot water heater, and your septic & well, if applicable. You may be able to get the seller to add a home warranty when buying.

Check For HOA Requirements

Most neighborhoods have HOAs that govern what you can and can't do - be sure you know what the rules are for your neighborhood.


As your guides in the home buying journey, we're here to ensure you navigate these steps with prudence and confidence.

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