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Colorado Springs Homes For Rent

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Our goal is to ensure your journey to discovering your next dream home is a delightful one. Explore a variety of rental homes in Colorado Springs and its nearby areas by browsing through our list of available properties. You can also refine your search by specifying your preferences below. Feel free to contact us at 719-884-0777 or to arrange a property viewing or apply for one of our rental properties.


The prospective tenant has the right to provide the landlord with a portable tenant screening report, as defined in section 38-12-902 (2.5) of the Colorado Revised Statutes. If the prospective tenant does provide the landlord with such a report, the landlord is prohibited from:

  • Charging the prospective tenant a rental application fee.
  • Charging the prospective tenant a fee for the landlord to access or use the portable tenant screening report.

A landlord who receives a portable tenant screening report may require the following:

  • That the screening report was completed within the previous thirty days.
  • That the screening report is made directly available to the landlord by the consumer reporting agency for use in the rental application process or provided through a third-party website that regularly engages in the business of providing consumer reports and complies with all state and federal laws pertaining to the use and disclosure of information contained in a consumer report by a consumer reporting agency.
  • That the screening report is made available to the landlord at no cost to access or use in the rental application process.
  • A statement from the prospective tenant confirming that there has not been a material change in the information in the screening report, including the prospective tenant's name, address, bankruptcy status, criminal history, or eviction history, since the report was generated.

If this applies to you, please contact our office PRIOR to completing the application.